Niche Markets

Introduction Niche markets are a specialised market type that attempt to create a product which will fill a gap for consumers and are often target a specific demographic. Globalised corporations, such as Amazon, are a prime example of companies that do not cater for niche markets, but instead will either ignore the niche demographic altogether, … Read more

A critique of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

Introduction World of Warcraft (WoW) is a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) Role Playing Game (RPG) first released by Blizzard Entertainment in November 2004. It is widely recognised as one of the most genre defining MMO games and boasts a user-base of over 12 million subscribers as of October 2010 with the arrival of the expansion … Read more

A delve into the current video games industry of Australia

Introduction Beginning with the 1980 establishment of Beam Software in Melbourne, the video game industry in Australia has experienced many changes over the last 40 years. With an early concentration during the 1990s in Melbourne and Brisbane, studios such as Krome Studios and Auran were making a splash on the international market (Apperley 2008). The … Read more

Piracy and Copyright – An Australian Preview

Introduction Over the last two decades the issue of digital piracy has become increasingly important and received much attention from governments and regulating bodies on a global scale. It has been argued that the illegal copying of intellectual property, such as games and music, has cost companies billions of dollars in lost profits and has … Read more

Global Illumination – Ray Tracing and Photon Mapping

INTRODUCTION Global illumination is a computer graphics-based concept of lighting a scene or rendering an environment. It illustrates the use of artificial light to simulate light being scattered and absorbed by objects in a scene to create realistic looking images. The term global illumination refers to any rendering algorithm that simulates the interactions of light … Read more

Development Life Cycles Report

Introduction In the field of software engineering the most popular development process adopted is the Waterfall model. This model encourages sequential phases of development whereby each stage of a project is completed before the next can commence, with a strong focus on structure. Despite the popularity of this method for software design and coding, the … Read more

Innovation: a brief insight to a COVID-19 world

Innovation inside of a workplace can be hard, no matter what field of work is considered. From the development of software/hardware, the running of a store for a global company, or self-contained projects, we innovate to keep ourselves interested in the task we are required to do. Covid-19 has required reforms within many, if not … Read more

Game Genre: A look into Metroidvania

The genre term ‘platformer’ infers a style of gameplay that requires the player or players to reach a defined goal by moving across static or fixed platforms. It was not until the early 1980s with the introduction of Donkey Kong (Nintendo 1981) that the modern definitions of platformer ‘rules’ were defined, in which the player … Read more