Game Design Review, Malfunction of the Orion Express

The end of prototyping has come for Malfunction on the Orion Express and the development of the game has come along very strongly.  The prototyping of allowing every word to be usable ended up being a huge success.

The gif to the side shows that the player must click on one of the words. It is stored using a List (C#), ( that is visually displayed on the GUI via a series of buttons within Unity. Upon creation, it is also stored within memory as a serialised object so that the user can take and utilise the words across different levels.

The second part of the gif demonstrates the removal of the words from the list. The original concept for the project was to have multiple words that may work with one piece of evidence. This allows the player to advance through the story with multiple paths of finding the association to the evidence. Clicking on the words would bring up a menu within the evidence scene and pair them if they are valid.

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